Sandra Batiste a former Miss USA Delegate turned business entrepreneur to now Founder and Executive Chef of BonaBatiste Taste Couture. She has a culinary background that was embedded in her DNA long before she was formally trained in school to become a chef.

Her grandfather Henry Gray was a proud Creole/Cajun man who was a chef on the riverboats in Louisiana that frequently traveled between there and Mississippi. And her grandmother Faye was a proud born and bred Texan who was famously known for her pies, and could cook anything from scratch! So being a descendant of these two culinary geniuses it was only a matter of time that Sandra would carry on the family tradition and share her love of food.

Born and raised in San Francisco Sandra was surrounded by so many cultural inspiring cuisines. So calling her a “foodie” would just be an understatement. Especially after traveling throughout the United States and abroad to places like France, Japan, Hong Kong, and other countries. These places she visited gave her palette the most intuitive and best taste experiences EVER!